Gear Training Seminars

Gear Training Seminars
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We perform general gear training seminars for the general maintenance and servicing of gearboxes; Topics include: Gear Design, Specifying gears, Inspecting gears, Installing gears, and gearboxes. Feel free to contact us directly for scheduling. Course seminars are designed to balance the level of technical detail with practical information necessary for proper operation, servicing, or maintenance of power transmission equipment.

Our gear training seminar events are held in partnership with Doppelmayr and Loesche USA carried out by Artec and held on a rotating basis at the following locations:

  • April 2018 ‐ Doppelmayr/Kelowna, British Columbia, 1 day event
  • April 2017 ‐ Artec North Branford, CT ‐ 2 day event, to register:
  • April 2016 ‐ Doppelmayr/Salt Lake City, UT, 1 day event, sold out!
  • September 2015 ‐ Loesche Users Conference, Las Vegas, NV, sold out!
  • April 2015 ‐ Doppelmayr/St. Jerome Quebec, 1.5 day, sold out!
  • April 2014 ‐ Artec/North Branford, CT ‐ 2 day event, sold out!

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