Solve problems before they happen

Solve problems before they happen

Strategic maintenance recommendations are critical tools for making wise business decisions about valuable equipment.

Does this sound like you?

  • Want to perform oil analysis but don’t know where to start?
  • Does your oil analysis program need standardization or an overhaul?

Ready to achieve maximum efficiency?

Routine testing helps you stay on top of and manage the risk to your equipment and your efficiency.  Keep informed and one step ahead of trouble.

  • Elemental Metals by ICP
  • Analytical Ferrography
  • Oxidation/Nitration by FTIR
  • ISO Particle Count
  • Viscosity @ 40 & 100 °C
  • Viscosity Index
  • Acid Number
  • PQ Index
  • Water by KF (ppm)

Inside the Artec Oil Analysis Box:

Sample collection methods, including the bottle selection, are key to an accurate lubricant analysis. We've made collection simple with our turn-key kit.

  • Designed for collection of 10 samples.
  • Vacuum pump with case
  • 10 double sealed 3 oz. sample jars
  • 10 integrated labels for sample jars
  • 50 feet ¼” hose
  • 5 pre-addressed and prepaid USPS mailers (1 each for 2 samples)
  • 5 additional pre-addressed USPS mailers
  • Laminated instructions “How to take an oil sample”

Why partner with Artec Machine for your Oil Analysis Program?

  • Stability: Reports remain in Artec database
  • Trend: All results are graphed to identify trends
  • Comprehensive: Suite of analyses which provides the most valuable data about your installation
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduce environmental impact with the possibility of using oil longer
  • Support: Artec is at the ready to answer questions/concerns
  • Expert report analysis by our gearbox maintenance specialists.
  • Phone consultation with an Artec Machine Systems engineer to cover results and equipment performance expectations.

Cost of each sample analyzed is US$147 and will be charged by Paypal. You may purchase the actual sample analysis today, or return to this page in the future to order an additional analysis.

What Data and Information will my report show?

In your report, you'll find General Lubrication Analysis and the results of the Ferrography Testing.


Severity Scale

A color-coded scale ranging in severity 0-4, the severity of this report is displayed in a larger box with a white number on a colored field. The overall report severity is based on comments, not individual test results.


Component Information

This area contains information about the account, component, sample, filter, product (fluid) and miscellaneous information. Some examples of miscellaneous information include the time the sample was taken or the initials of the person who took the sample.



The Comment section includes the analysis of the test results, including maintenance recommendations and feedback from our Data Analysis Team. These comments determine the overall severity of the report.

Test Results

The actual test results are included in the sample report. Results from past samples are displayed above the current results.


Elemental Analysis

The elemental analysis data will detect wear particles, contaminants, multisource metals, and additive metals.


Other Tests

Other tests may be performed based on the fluid type. Complimentary expert analysis by Artec Machine and telephone consultation to discuss your test results are also included.


Test Results

Test results will have a colored background that coordinates with the severity of the scale at the top.



Test fields with blue font contain a hyperlink to a description and additional information about the test, including possible sources.


Historical Comments

Historical Comments from previous sample reports are included along with the severity of the overall report. Messages about the sample will be posted below the comments with a date stamp and the user who posted it.



Test Results

All test results are displayed in graphs to identify trends easily over multiple samples.

Ferrography Test Results



Common wear debris found will be listed in this section



Contamination debris types found will be listed in this section


Non-Standard wear debris

These fields are customizable for non-standard wear debris, contamination, or other material found that do not fit into the existing categories.

Looking Deeper


Primary Debris

This section covers primary debris types in the image



This is the image itself. It will generally have a scale bar included.



Includes a highly detailed, 500x magnification image of the sample



Comments about the picture, in general, will be listed here, such as any coloring filters applied or an overall appearance note for why it may look different than normal.

How to Take an Oil Sample

Samples need to include fluid that best represents the oil circulating through the system during normal operations. The Artec Machine Oil analysis kit makes sampling convenient and simple.

  • Your sample kit includes all the items you need to collect a clean sample.
  • Directions will be emailed to you upon order and also included within the sample kit.
  • The analysis includes our expert opinion on your results and a complimentary telephone consult on your results.

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