RENK-MAAG Industrial Gearboxes

RENK-MAAG Industrial Gearboxes

Artec Machine is the exclusive North American agency for RENK-MAAG Industrial Gearboxes and High-Speed Turbo Gears. (GmbH)

RENK-MAAG GmbH high-speed turbo gears.

Renk-Maag GmbH
MAAG Original Zurich Technology
  • New Gear Sales
  • Spare Parts (includes original MAAG Gear Spares of Turbo and Marine Units)
  • Field Inspection and Overhaul Services
About RENK Maag high-speed turbogears

RENK-MAAG GmbH in Winterthur, Switzerland was founded in May 2007 resulting in the takeover of the Turbogear and Marine business of Maag Gear AG.

Renk-Maag gearboxes shall be designed and built according to the well proven

Hibernia Oil Field equiped with Renk Maag High Speed Turbogears

Hibernia Oil Field equipped with Maag Turbogear Units

Renk Maag Industrial Gearboxes - High Speed Double Helical Gears

Maag High Speed Double Helical Gears

Experience and Technology More than 100 years of gear manufacturing experience. Close collaboration with our customers and constant involvement in their many and varied requirements has kept us at the leading edge technology and competitive in terms of price, quality, and performance. Down through all these years, the experience and new technical know-how gained have been immediately applied to our designs. This has led to custom-made high-performance gearboxes that give enduring service all over the world.

The main applications are drivers for:

  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Axial compressors
  • Generators
  • Pumps
Prudoe Bay - Renk Maag High Speed TurboGear Units operate under full speed fully loaded condtions without failure, many units in excess of 160,000 hrs!

Prudhoe Bay petrochemical plant in Alaska, where numerous MAAG high-speed gearboxes are installed between gas turbines and centrifugal compressors to transmit a total of 560,000 kW.

Renk Maag industrial gearboxes employ separable bearing caps, corrosion resistant cast housing, SS piping, external adjustable

The Hibernia Oil Platform, Grand Banks Newfoundland Canada uses MAAG Gears for their main and auxiliary gas injection trains. Main gas injection installation module Driver: LM2500 with Dresser Rand DR-61 Power Turbines Driver: Multi-Tandem Dresser Rand high-pressure centrifugal compressors TYPE: GB-52 Power: 28,872 HP (each) Speed input: 3428 rpm Speed output: 10933 rpm

Irrespective of whether the gearboxes are intended for compressor, generator or pump drives, we have always welcomed – and will continue to welcome – the challenge of finding an optimum solution for our customers.


The increasingly exacting requirements of gearbox design have also involved ever increasing pitch line velocities. Pitch line velocities exceeding 220 m/s have been achieved during back-to-back testing of gearboxes developed for basic research. These gearboxes transmit about 30 MW at pinion speeds of 16,000 rpm.

The knowledge and experience gained in these processes have led to the development of:

  • Optimized center distance and face width.
  • Great design flexibility and rapid adaptation to customer requirements
  • Radial bearings developed and tested by Maag on our own test bed enhance the acknowledged high reliability of our high performance gearboxes.
  • High efficiency and hence low lubricating oil requirements that bar any comparison.
  • Separate axial and radial bearings.
  • Single or double helical gears.
  • Gear cases hardened by the CARBOMAAG process.
  • Gears precision-ground on the world's most accurate gear-grinding machines; With longitudinal and profile tooth-flank modifications compensate for the previously computed operational deformations under load to obtain an optimum tooth-contact pattern.
  • A quality assurance system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard embraces all activities. Standard and also the environmental responsibility of ISO 14001 encompasses all activities.
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