Lift gears for the ski industry

Lift gears for the ski industry

Gear reducers for winter sports, aerial and surface lifts.

Gear Reducers for Winter Sports, Aerial and Surface Lifts

Launching yourself down the “Big White” with the Swallow-Tail, enjoying the fresh snow with your Carvers – the mountains always offer a new experience, and the gondolas or chairlifts always have their own fascination. 

ski lift gearbox repair
examples of ski lift gearboxes we repair

But what you can do in wintertime is also possible in summer.  Warmth creeps over the gentians, a path rises up the slope like a fine snake.  Leisure, fun, sport, walks, relax.  For decades, L. Kissling & Co. AG has made fun available to everyone everywhere with its gear reducers for all types of aerial and surface lifts.  Kissling was founded in Switzerland, the kingdom of mountains.

Operational reliability throughout the lifetime of the installation.  Or even longer.

L. Kissling & Co. AG is the leading manufacturer in the world of gear-reducers for all ropeway-systems, such as aerial tramways, funicular’s, gondola-lifts, chairlifts, and T-bars.  This is not purely by luck.  Where quality is involved, Kissling does not make any compromise, neither in design nor in production nor in customer service.

skilift geardrive system
Maintenance of lift Gears

Safety and quality have top priority.

In any rope-way system, safety has first priority, safety not only for the passengers but also for the whole installation.  This means highest operational reliability of all components; one of the most important is the gear-reducer.  Therefore Kissling has a tight net of checks which compromises all activities, from design to detailed drawings, to all production processes, to assembly, to test-bench until final delivery. Thanks for more than 75 years of experience in building special gear-reducers of any type and size, Kissling has enormous design know-how which enables them to produce prototypes and series with top reliability.  Nearly 10,000 gear-reducers in the ropeway business have proved that Kissling is a good name for this job.

Gear Reducer for Gondola at Avoriaz (F)

ski lift gear box

PK-210 gearbox, capacity 470 kW - From 10 kNm up to 800 kNm.

The transport capacity of aerial and surface lifts increased constantly during the last 50 years, and so has the demand on the drive mechanisms.  Kissling currently produces gears for torques up to 800 kNm and for an overhung load up to 1500 kNm.  Kissling manufacturers gear-reducers with higher torque upon request.  We manufacture:

  • Bevel-Planetary gear-reducers
  • Bevel-helical gear-reducers
  • Special gear-reducers

We also manufacture the following products:

  • Emergency drives for evacuation of passengers in case of break-down
  • Stand-By Drives to continue full operation in case of power failure
  • Hollow axles for a bull-wheel-arrangement independent of the reducer
  • Disengageable coupling for the bull-wheel

All the components of each gear-reducer are composed of the assembly according to the customer’s specifications.  Flexibility has for Kissling a high priority if there are special technical requirements.  This is why Kissling enjoys the same good reputation as it did since the very beginning.

Chairlift drive at Vancouver (CAN)

Ski lift gear repair

VKDSO-1100, capacity 350 kW

Innovation is a fundamental principle.

There is never an end to technology, and continuously seeking dynamic innovation has always been one of the fundamental principles of Kissling.  The best engineers with proven expertise and long experience are constantly pursuing technological improvement.  Added to this is a big know-how in the area of technical specifications and proving solutions to particularly complex problems.

VKDSO-940 gear-reducer for T-bar

Kissling Gears

Capacity 350 kW

Customer service 24 hours by 24 hours

The quality of our product services continues in our European and American Customer Service Centers, which perform repairs, overhauls, and tests for own and foreign products, either at the service center or on site.  Besides guaranteeing 24 hours by 24 service for our own customers, Kissling also provides the best possible service for others.

Top quality, unequaled operational reliability, and a perfect customer service – this is what Kissling has represented for over 75 years.


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