Artec presents Perpetual Regimental Alumni Development Award

March 25, 2015 - Artec Machine Systems presents the Perpetual Regimental Alumni Development Award to Maine Maritime Academy. This award is presented on an annual basis.

Hello Students, professors, administrators, and staff, my name is Nicholas Chieppo I am a Senior Field Service Technician here on behalf of Artec Machine Systems and the Amendola Family. This award represents the pride both Mr. Amendola class of 86’ and his Son John class of 15’ have for the Maine Maritime Community. The academy has given them both so much, and this award is their way to give back. Mr. Amendola has prepared a brief speech that he has asked me to read to you tonight;

Maine Maritime Academy produces some of the finest engineers I know, thanks to the dedication of the professors, the rigorous programs, the Regiment, and the Alumni. This is a very special scholarship award; one which provides those selected students the unique opportunity for the recipients to participate in a two-day training event on Lift Gear Power Transmission Drive Systems. This course will provide an appreciation for various factors affecting the operation of gear systems. This course includes aspects of various lift gear designs, application, and operational issues affecting gear life, reliability, and ease of maintenance and service. The course includes hands-on sessions with various gear elements, demonstrations affecting proper and improper factors in the installation and operation of gear units, gear failure modes, basics of forensic analysis, epicyclic gear systems, functional testing, inspection protocols, and condition monitoring. Takeaways from this course apply equally well and can be adapted to of all a wide spectrum of customized gearing systems including marine gears, power generation units, compressor applications etc. It is awarded to students who have equally and consistently shown both:

  1. a commendable and consistent dedication to the marine engineering program “and”
  2. to those who have demonstrated their tenacious spirit, their energetic nature, and their boundless talents to the core of the regiment.
Nicholas Chieppo, Senior Field Service Technician Reading A Speech on Behalf of Artec Machine Systems and the Amendola Family

Nicholas Chieppo, Senior Field Service Technician Reading A Speech on Behalf of Artec Machine Systems and the Amendola Family

This award goes to those individuals who most closely exemplify, embody and characterize the long-standing customs and traditions of MMA. During your time here at the Academy, many of you have heard of the strength and fortitude of the alumni. But understand that the alumni are not just for alumni, it’s for all students as well. To demonstrate that alumni support and to show that the graduates are here for you, we created this award to demonstrate the support alumni can provide. If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice, it would be this: start interacting with your shipmates and superiors-now. Build your relationships with career professionals. Remember that it is a two-way street; they provide you with relational bonds, you provide them with engineering expertise and passion.

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