Radicon Gearbox Repair Services Artec Machine services all Radicon Drive Units

Radicon Gearbox Repair

Field repair services for all Radicon drive units

Radicon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gearing and drive technology, supplying drive systems in the steel, sugar, cement, mining, power and chemical industries. Artec Machine provides Radicon gearbox repair services, field service, refurbishment and retrofits for all Radicon units, and can add systems for evaluating their health through endoscopic monitoring systems that are extremely effective and super-efficient.

Artec Machine Radicon Gearbox Repair Services

  • Worldwide service available
  • Anywhere, Anytime of day
  • Refurbished to near original (with latest advancements) for desired gearbox performance
  • Each and every component of existing gearbox is scanned under our state of the art testing facilities for materials, tooth geometry/profile, etc.
  • Thorough analysis of failures with comprehensive and appropriate solutions by our experienced team of Design, Manufacturing, Quality and Service engineers
  • The most effective way of restoring the health of your Radicon Gear drives
  • Artec can re-engineer your Radicon gearbox or re-purpose for other applications 
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