Meets and Exceeds ISO (All grades), and API Standards Comprehensive Dynamic Rotor Balancing

Rotor Balancing Services

All rotating machinery is susceptible to unbalance, even when properly manufactured to a tight tolerance a skewed accumulation of allowable values may result. When system vibration occurs it can lead to quick wear of components and even system failure. System vibration can be caused by internal metallurgical anomalies. An unbalance caused by additional mass on one side of a rotor is called static or force unbalance. Even if a force is balanced by another equal force in the opposite plane (ie no static unbalance) there can still be what is known as a couple or dynamic unbalance. This occurs because during rotation the forces can give rise to vibration. Even though a rotor may be symmetrical and statically force balanced, it can still be unbalanced. Together, these forces and coupled unbalances create what is called the combined unbalance. Proper dynamic balancing can help to minimize vibration and noise in the gearbox, which can extend the service life of the gearbox and reduce the risk of component failure. Through the use of Dynamic Balancing, this combined unbalance can be detected, measured, and corrected.

Artec serves to provide Rotor Balancing for a wide array of rotating machinery including:

  • Couplings
  • Shafts
  • Rotors
  • Gears
  • Hubs

Dynamic Gearbox Balancing procedures

Dynamic balancing of gears requires specialized equipment, including balancing machines capable of measuring the balance of rotating components to high levels of precision. Your equipment will be balanced on Artec's state-of-the-art equipment by trained professionals with years of experience in dynamic balancing of large industrail gears.  Artec machine will ensure that your components are properly balanced and aligned.

  1. Component inspection: The gears, shafts, and other rotating components are inspected for damage or wear. Any components that are out of tolerance or out of balance should be repaired or replaced before balancing begins.
  2. Dynamic Gearbox Balancing equipment setup: The rotating components are mounted onto a balancing machine, which measures their balance and provides real-time feedback on any imbalances.
  3. Balance correction: The balancing machine applies correction weights to the rotating components to achieve balance. The weights may be added or removed as needed to achieve the desired balance.
  4. Final verification: The components are retested to ensure that they are properly balanced. This may involve a combination of static and dynamic testing to ensure that the components are balanced both at rest and in motion.

About Artec Machine Systems Gearbox Repair Services

We seek to offer premier dynamic balancing services to the North East United States. Located in southeastern Connecticut, Artec is in a prime position to serve local customers in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Massachusetts areas. Artec’s dynamic gearbox balancing services strive to exceed the demands of the industries where we operate. In order to do this, Artec is capable of meeting any required balancing standard. Including ISO (All grades), and API. Artec balances components and assemblies for an array of high and low-speed applications.

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