Prevention and Condition Monitoring

Prevention and Condition Monitoring

Is vibration analysis appropriate? Ask yourself the following:

  • What are the operating conditions (symptoms)?
  • What is the history (maintenance, hours)?
  • Critical application?

VB8Gear Failure Prevention. Typically, a gear set in distress will begin to show signs of trouble long before a critical failure occurs. During this time, certain corrective measures can be taken that will significantly prolong gear life. Artec will inspect and document gear condition as found in service, set up a program to monitor the condition over time, and make detailed, practical recommendations on ways to correct any adverse conditions in order to extend gear life. Artec has a long and successful history in the troubleshooting and analysis of gears in operation, with many satisfied clients.


Frequency Spectrum Analysis

Artec's on-site and no-load testing analysis capabilities now include the ability to simultaneously measure and record in real time:

  • up to 10 vibration measurements - frequency and amplitude with accelerometers or non-contacting vibration probes
  • up to 10 temperature measurements
  • up to 2 speed pick-ups
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