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When you need gearbox support, a fast response is key to ensuring your equipment is back up and running in the shortest possible time. Artec Machine Systems has service and repair is one of the only gearbox manufacturers to operate a dedicated service team. Prompt service and installation, and comprehensive customer support are what you’ll receive from Artec. Our national service network enables us to support you with technical gearing expertise wherever you are, in the shortest possible time.

  • Approved trained and ready to represent ZF Lohmann Units GPW Series I and Series III All GPW Series I Units: 145/160/185/210/235/260/290/315/350 All GPW Series III Units: 190/215/245/270/300/330
  • Our dedicated site service technicians and engineers are available to support you 24/7.  
  • We work hands on-site with your personnel to solve any gearbox issues, helping you achieve maximum performance with minimal downtime.
  • Our knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries make us the service provider uniquely and exclusively selected by ZF for Lift Gears and Ropeway units.
  • Experience in ropeway applications, specifically lift gear units for ski, personnel transport, amusement installations.
  • We deliver solutions to problems, minimizing downtime and ensuring long-term availability. Our service support team will provide a professional perspective on any issue.
  • Full access to ZF’s complete inventory of spare parts much more
Artec Machine is the North American Doppelmayr Service Partner
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  • Installation and training
  • Routine maintenance and inspection
  • Failure analysis & emergency service
  • In-field and when possible, in-shop service
Ropeways have to provide their service reliably and above all safely. The operators expect high performance and availability throughout the complete operating time. Thus, the quality of the drivetrain is a decisive part of the total system. The low-maintenance, service-friendly and efficient ZF gearboxes fulfill these requirements.
Industrial Gearbox Repair Team

ZF gearboxes for ropeway systems reliably provide the circulation of cable-drawn lift systems such as classical chair and gondola lifts or urban transport and shuttle systems.

ZF gearboxes are reliable drive components, proven and tested in rope-guided transport systems under various operational conditions: no matter if under icy temperatures during ski lift operation or in tropical heat inside urban shuttle systems. Due to a flexible modular system a wide range of transmission and dimensional variants as well as torque classes is available and ideally suited for a large number of different ropeway systems. ZF gearboxes for ropeways are extremely compact, noise-optimised and combine longevity with a low maintenance effort. All gearboxes are characterized by silent operation and high robustness. The high quality of the individual components ensures a long life cycle with the highest possible operating reliability.

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ZF gearboxes for ropeways

  • Gearboxes for a large number of different rope-guided transport tasks
  • Various sizes based on one standard product range and high flexibility due to a modular system with more than 100 variation possibilities
  • Designed for all installation positions
  • Version as two-stage planetary gearbox with pre bevel gear stage (GPW) or in coaxial design (GPC)
  • Preparation for direct connection of electric motors (GPC)
  • Operation with or without oil cooling (thermal balance calculation)
  • Integrated heating systems for extreme conditions
  • Optional auxiliary drive for GPW (can also be retrofitted)
Operating figures   from up to
Operating torque T2 kNm 98 850
Starting torque T2 kNm 137 1,200
Adm. drive speed n, min 0 1,900
Gearbox actual ratios   28 132
ZF Lohmann gearbox unit in shop for repairs
In shop ZF Lohmann Ropeway gearbox unit
ZF Lohmann gearbox inspection and maintenance
ZF Gearbox inspection and maintenance
ZF Lohmann Ropeway gearbox refurbishment
Repair & refurbishments for ZF Lohmann Ropeway 190 215, 245, 270, 300 & 330
ZF Lohmann gearbox parts
Full access to ZF’s complete inventory of spare parts much more

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