How efficiency, lubrication, noise, and vibration help to define the tooth flank temperature in high speed gears

Defining the Tooth Flank Temperature in High Speed Gears

Presented at the AGMA 2021 fall technical meetinge on Nov 21, 2021 by John Amendola Sr. of Artec Machine Systems


In defining total contact temperature, the tooth flank temperature is as significant in the calculation as the flash temperature. Previous research revealed that the applied ksump multiplier value for applications with spray lubrication should be > 1.2 for high-speed gears when calculating a tooth flank temperature. However, further investigation suggests variable values of ksump are required to accurately calculate the tooth flank temperature relative to pitch line velocity. Referenced documents, with supporting comprehensive test data and testing results of high-speed gears, both indicate a higher range of tooth body temperatures increasing with pitch line velocity. This paper improves the methodology for determining the tooth flank temperature. Two methods are proposed for assessing scuffing risk when applying AGMA 925 for high-speed gears.

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