Artec Gains Dynamic Balancing Capability

Artec Gains Dynamic Balancing Capability

With  the  commissioning  of  Artec’s  new  dynamic balancing machine, Artec has expanded  its  capability  to  provide  dynamic  balancing to customers. With a shortage of industrial  dynamic  balancing  providers  in  CT  and the North East, Artec plans to quickly achieve  its  goal  of  becoming  the  premier  balancing provider for rotating machinery in New England.

Why Dynamic Balancing?

All  rotating  machinery  is  susceptible  to  unbalance, even when properly manufactured  to  a  tight  tolerance  a  skewed  accumulation of allowable values may result. When system vibration occurs which can lead to  quick  wear  of  components  and  even  system failure. System vibration can be caused  by  internal  metallurgical  anomalies.  An unbalance caused by additional mass on one  side  of  a  rotor  is  called  static  or  force  unbalance. Even if a force is balanced by another equal force in the opposite plane (ie no static unbalance) there can still be what is known as a couple or dynamic unbalance. This occurs because, during rotation the forces can give rise to vibration. Even though a rotor may be symmetrical and statically force balanced, it can still be unbalanced. Together,  these  force  and  coupled  unbalances create what is called the combined  unbalance.  Through  the  use  of  Dynamic Balancing, this combined unbalance can be detected, measured, and corrected.

Above:Precision removal of material to correct unbalance.

By  using  a  dynamic  balancing  machine  coupled with the right software, the total unbalance of a rigid rotor can be simplified to two  unbalances  in  two  planes  perpendicular  to the axis of rotation. This enables the correction  of  unbalance  by  adding  or  subtracting weight throughout the rotor. Careful  removal  of  material  is  the  most  common way to balance an industrially used rotor.  Removed  material  must  be  carefully  measured to assure the structural integrity of the rotor is not compromised.

Exceeding Standards

Just like manufacturing requires dimensional tolerances,  so  too  does  balancing.  The  amount of allowable unbalance is generally prescribed  by  industry  standards  (e.g.  API,  AGMA, etc.). Artec is now capable of balancing  rotor  dynamics  to  all  standard  requirements of the industries it serves. This includes  all  balancing  categories  for  API,  AGMA, and ISO. This means that Artec is able to  provide  domestic  balancing  services  and  quality checks for both international and domestically manufactured products.

Providing Quicker Overhauls

By bringing the ability to dynamically balance couplings,  gears,  and  other  rotors  in‐house,  Artec has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of overhaul services. As part of the comprehensive in house overhaul service that  Artec  has  provided  to  the  ski,  turbo  machinery, industrial extrusion, mill drive, and  marine  industries  for  years,  customers  can now be assured that all of their rotating machinery  will  be  balanced  to  meet  and  exceed industry standards.

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