Prototype & TEST BENCH Gear Units

High-performance gearboxes from ARTEC are customized to the customer’s requirements

As a custom gear supplier, ARTEC has the capability to design and deliver prototype gears that adhere to strict customer requirements. We can assist in gear design, or work from your drawings to produce the exact gear prototype you need. When a standard gear simply won’t work, you can feel confident in turning to our prototyping department for a unique solution. Test bench gearboxes for high dynamic endurance tests must safely and consistently transmit high powers at speeds in excess of 100,000 rpm. Test stand gearboxes from ARTEC must, therefore, be optimized to achieve high efficiency with a minimum of noise emission.

  • Green Energy Government Applications
  • Cryogenic Gases
  • Land transport for the automotive sector
  • Defense Industry
  • Natural Gas


This gearbox test unit is for a cryogenic energy storage pilot plant (350kW at 48,310 rpm), it was developed to validate our customers developing technology. Its application used heat from a biomass plant to improve the efficiency of the system. It is now located at the University of Birmingham Centre for Cryogenic Energy Storage, to support further testing and academic research.

Biomass plant gearbox test unit in chrogenic energy storage pilot plant
Cryogenic gas expansion gearbox


This gearbox unit was a pilot program for a heat engine utilizing industrial-grade liquid CO2 as the working fluid (500 Kw @ 40,000 rpm) It was developed to validate our customers developing technology.

co2 waste heat recovery system gearbox
heat engine industrial gearbox


This integral compressor gearbox is for a high-performance hydrogen compressor utilized for pipeline transmission (60,055 rpm at 1.1 MW) This unit was developed to promote hydrogen as a fuel source to aid in the US green energy expansion efforts with a diverse, secure, and emissions-free energy for the future.

Custom hydrogen delivery integral compressor gearbox
custom internal compressor gearbox


This 2-stage gear unit is designed for a helicopter-propeller test bench at maximum speed and full power. This mass inertia of the gear elements simulates the mass of the rotating blades (19 MW at 21,000 rpm).

Custom gearbox helicopter propeller test bench
helicopter engine 2 stage gear unit test bench
helicopter engine test bench gear unit

Let's talk about your needs!

An ARTEC custom bench test gearbox is a gearbox that is designed and optimized to meet your specific requirements. We take great pride and care in supporting your needs. We will work mutually to ascertain your application to design the best possible gearbox for the given application. At ARTEC, our customers’ needs are our first consideration, and we work to provide the best solution and service to them. So, let's talk about how we can improve your bottom line.

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custom high-speed gearbox design
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custom high-speed gearbox design

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