Artec completes its 1st API-613 high speed 4 hr no-load test @ 53,141 RPM!

Artec successfully completes its 1st API-613 no-load gear test. Artec's high-speed dual pinion gear tested at 48,310 rpm & over sped to 53,141 rpm!

Real-time monitoring and recording of speed, torque, noise, power losses, oil flows, 8 point radial shaft vibrations, 2 point axial vibration, 2 point casing acceleration, all bearing temperatures (up to 10 points), oil supply, and return temperatures

Artec's high-speed prototype dual pinion gear shall be utilized for a CryoEnergy Storage (CES) system.

Custom designed and assembled by Artec Machine Systems!

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Intertek ISO 9001:2008AGMA gear box repairs and gearbox refurbishment
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